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Anastasia Julliard Purchasing Project Coordinator France

"Working at SBM means living in an environment conducive to taking initiatives and personal development, all in an idyllic setting.
It also means working with close-knit and passionate teams, who are always looking for Excellence."

Anna Pach Marketing Manager CE&Russia

" Working at SBM means facing exciting challenges and having real influence on shaping the future of the business. "

Magalie Marquevielle Sales Regional Manager France

"SBM is a family business in perpetual motion, led by visionary leaders, in which we evolve, and make our teams grow. It is a rich, exceptional adventure, full of twists and turns, in which I have been participating with pleasure for 20 years"

Tatiana Maiatzky Quality Audit Manager Ecully, France

" The contact with colleagues from different countries allows me to discover, every day, other cultures and way of working, through business trips and international projects! "

Denis Barlet Industrial Manager Marseille, France

" Working at SBM, it’s having the certainty of never fall into monotony! But also, to work with nice colleagues, from the oldest to the latest! "

Marie Gauthier Group Accounting Manager Ecully, France

" I have the chance to take part into this extraordinary group growth, and to build together the SBM of tomorrow. We are working in a unique and motivating context, in which you never get bored. "

Stella Ageli HR & Administration assitant Sweden

" The company’s clear mission and vision give meaning to our work towards our goals, and the company values show us the way to success. We strive for an eco-friendly environment. "

Daniela Nosbüsch Portfolio Manager Plant Protection DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

“ Besides the fun and the strong team-spirit, the intercultural communication, the creative leeway, the autonomous action and the interdisciplinary cooperation with diverse business units are just a few points that motivate me from day to day. ”

Michael Herneth Sales representative DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

“ Working at SBM means direct communication, solution-orientated processes and a horizontal organization. This allows me actively to help shape the future of SBM. ”

Our philosophy

At SBM there is a unique spirit, visible in our values. The company has experienced strong growth and has put in place the necessary structure to meet the operating modes adapted to its new dimension. However, the group has kept its agility and a short decision-making process, close to that of a start-up marked by the actions of the men and women who participate in the success of this adventure every day. This is what makes SBM unique, and what makes the adventure we are living daily so exciting!

The philosophy of Human Resources at SBM Company is simple, without the involvement and the performance of its collaborators, we cannot succeed.

Working to ensure that all our actions, initiatives or processes, including by the human resources function, meet these two clear objectives, this is our approach.

In particular, this translates with the implementation of innovative performance management and professional development processes, aimed at feeding the strengths of each collaborator and sustained by mutual feedback.

To conclude, these practices are based on the following convictions:

  • the method is as important as the result,
  • there is no success if it is not sustainable,
  • successes are the results of collective achievements,
  • the right to mistake implies a duty to learning from them.