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Discover SBM Life Science

Our subsidiary dedicated to the protection and care of Home and Garden.

About us

SBM creates, registers, manufactures and markets care
and protection products for crops, plants and the home.

We are a French family company, born in 1994 and present in 31 countries
in Europe, North America and North Africa.

Recognised for our expertise, both on the agricultural and consumer markets,
we control the entirety of the value chain,
from research to provision to the final customer.

Always listening to our customers, we are constantly adapting our offer
to provide relevant solutions that respect the environment.

Our respect for nature is translated in our products and in our behaviour.

Our vision

To be the leader with a challenger spirit.

Our mission

With tomorrow in mind, we offer innovative solutions to improve the care and protection of plants, crops, and homes.

Enable everyone to become a force for change

Thanks to our partnerships and our ecosystems approach, we develop innovative solutions benefiting everyone and respecting the planet.

Garden and crop experts for over 25 years, we are convinced of the efficiency of an ecosystems approach, where everyone has a role to play.

Our various activities at every level of the value chain, in the gardening sector as well as in crop protection, enable us to develop collaborative networks in a spirit of mutual enrichment.

Thanks to our partnerships on a global scale and our R&D dynamic, we offer our clients a full range of products and services for the care of plants. Our innovations include natural and synthetic solutions combining advanced technology and traditional know-how acquired through the years.

Our industrial expertise and our teams located in an expanding number of countries help us to satisfy the geographical and cultural diversity needs, to empower each and every one to cultivate their garden, freely and sustainably.

Our businesses

Home & garden
Crop protection
Industrial Production

An international group

with global expertise