Experts in 4 markets

To meet all the requirements of their customers, SBM has positioned itself in four businesses,
allowing them to benefit fully from each innovation.

Home and Garden

The merger of Bayer Garden, Bayer Advanced and Novajardin in October 2016 into the company SBM Life Science
allowed SBM Company to take a position as a worldwide leader. All the consumers’ activities for the Home & Garden protection
gather more than 350 collaborators in the United States and Europe. With more than 2500 products,
SBM Life Science positions itself as an indispensable actor of its market.

It is the mastery of the entire chain that guarantees the security and quality of its products.

In their recommendations, SBM Life Science orients their choices towards biocontrol or natural products.
Only in the case of an absent solution would synthetics come into play.
It is thanks to the synergy of its product’s range that SBM Company can offer its customers
a global approach of gardening and home protection.

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An extended range of products

SBM Life Science benefits from collaborations with the other activities of the group (Research & Development, registration, industrialization, supporting functions). It is thanks to this synergy and the strength of its brands that SBM Company can continuously adapt their offerings to satisfy the needs of the customers, with innovative and efficient products that respect man and the environment.

Key figures

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    in the world


    M€ in revenue


    in Europe on the plant protection market


    in the USA on the plant protection market

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